May 6, 2021

YOUNGSTOWN — Nothing is going to change the outcome of the write-in Democratic primary for Youngstown council president: Tom Hetrick is the winner, election officials say.

April 18, 2021

If elected, Hetrick said he “will work for policies and resources that assist low-income homeowners, address nuisance properties, regulate rental properties and encourage housing development. My goal is safe, quality, affordable housing for all city residents.”

He also wants to prioritize funding and maintenance of city parks, playgrounds, streets and sidewalks. To prevent crime, Hetrick said he’ll work for better lighting, blight removal, community policing and youth activities.

Regarding healthy food, Hetrick said he’ll form partnerships with grocery store owners, farmers markets, health care providers and other agencies to increase the number of places city residents can buy healthy and affordable food.

March 4, 2021

YOUNGSTOWN — Christopher N. Travers is withdrawing as a candidate for Youngstown council president and throwing his support behind Thomas Hetrick.

Hetrick said he was “very grateful to have the support of” Travers.